Our Work

Here are some case studies of people we have helped and how we have made a difference in people’s lives.

Capel Parish Nurses – A Testimonial

Two years ago my husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons and Lewy Body Dementia.  A year ago he had a fall in our small shower room in the early hours of the morning and couldn’t get up.  He must have been in and out of consciousness because he tried to push against the hot radiator to get up, but got severe burns on the soles of both feet.  Ever since then his health has been on a fairly rapid downward path, and he now needs supervision to shower, dress, take the correct medication.  I have been very grateful to be able to call on the expertise and advice of Margaret Sankey of Capel Parish Nurses who has helped with advice and reassurance and in practical ways like measuring a Walking Stick to the right height for him.  Recently her OT expertise has been invaluable as she was able to advise us on major adaptations to our shower-room to try and avoid another fall.   It now provides easier access for my husband, and Margaret advised us where to put the grab bars and folding stool etc.

I also have health problems as I had osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in my knee, and have 17” metal including a total mechanical knee made from titanium and stainless steel.   It has been showing signs of wear and tear but in August I got out of bed and it went “crunch/crack” and became very swollen and painful.   So it was back to my old faithful crutches!   I could not bend it enough to even get in a car.  As it happens my husband had 4 medical appointments in the following weeks and I was very grateful to be able to call on the help of Capel Parish Nurses.  Margaret came round and quickly took things in hand and arranged for various kind people to take him to his appointments.  I particularly requested that if it was possible someone with some medical background should take my husband for his appointment with the Parkinson Consultant, as they could ask my questions and write the Consultants response.    Margaret was on holiday that day and Caroline very kindly drove him to the Clinic and took the Parish Nurses wheelchair.  By then I was able to bend the knee enough to get in the car so I was able to go with him and Caroline.  I particularly appreciated her kindness as she had to arrange for someone to look after her own children.

Due to various delays caused by my Consultants holiday and then delays in ordering and receiving “spare parts” for my knee, I am now expecting to have surgery next Tuesday and it is very likely that I will be calling on the help of Capel Parish Nurses again.  We have a full-time Carer coming to stay with my husband whilst I am in hospital and a week or two afterwards, and I have put a list of useful telephone numbers on the fridge, and Capel Parish Nurses are on the list, should the Carer need their help.   We are very blessed to have Capel Parish Nurses in our village and really appreciate that they are willing and able to give advice, reassurance and practical help at short notice.

If you have been helped by Capel Parish Nurses and would like your anonymised story to be included here –please contact Caroline or Margaret.